About VBags

Hi, I’m Victoria 


I am so pleased to share this journey with you as I start my first venture! 

The reason why I started ‘VBAGS’ was for my love and passion for fashion. Of course, the top, jeans and shoes are what makes an outfit, but what I think that really completes it is a beautiful bag. Depending on the look your going for, a bag can really compliment and enhance your outfit. 

With my range of bags I’m confident that they will enhance your style as well as your personality! The range of colours I offer go from rainbow colours to sparkling diamonds to simple, plain colours to match whatever outfit or mood you’re going for, at an affordable price with the highest quality

I can assure you my bags will have you feeling amazing and confident as they do to me! 

I hope you enjoy my website and I hope you love these bags just as much as I do.